At LCH our lawyers are experts in life sciences law: health, cosmetics, food and health technology. We have the knowledge and skills to provide you with legal advice necessary for the development of your projects, the management of regulatory constraints and of your company’s compliance policy. We can also assist in contract negotiations, litigations and the training of your teams.
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Health, cosmetics and food industries legislation and new technologies used by these industries are our key skills.

LCH developed its cutting hedge expertise thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the health market. LCH lawyers can advise you in your activities and projects relating to:

  • Relationships between health professional and health industries: gifts and payments to physicians and French Sunshine Act.
  • Advertising and marketing (legislation regarding the advertising of medicines, medical devices, medical devices IDVs, cosmetics, food supplements, medical sales; filing to competent authorities, web-marketing, use of digital tools etc.).
  • Educational therapeutic programs, learning and related programs.
  • Electronic technology (telemedecine, wireless capable medical devices, use of digital tools, health-related websites, hosting of health data, filing with the French data protection authority CNIL etc.).
  • Biomedical research, observational studies, standard care study, registries.
  • Pharmaceutical law.
  • Medical devices and medical devices IDVs legislation.
  • Cosmetics legislation.
  • Marketing of health products, cosmetics and food.
  • Pharmacovigilance, medical devices vigilance, reagent vigilance, cosmetovigilance.
  • Health products cover/reimbursement.
  • Competition and consumer law in relation to life sciences products.
  • Health products liability.